Convertible Ballistic Bag
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Our Convertible Ballistic Bag is great for a trips around town, to the market, or off into the woods.  Made from a durable vinyl-lined ballistic cloth, with carbon fiber accents, it won't rip or snag. 

Can be worn folded in half when your load is light.  Convenient zippered-pocket in the lid to carry your phone, ID, cards, cash, and other necessities.  If you have more to carry, move the strap to the top hooks and wear it long.  Voila!  A large purse to carry all of your goods!

Interior of top zippered pocket features a pocket for your cell phone and pocket for cards and ID

Interior of large pocket features a pocket for your cell phone and a 4x6 zippered pocket.

Ambidexterous conceal pocket on back side.  Lined with 4" velcro, waterproof zipper closure.


Available in black with accent colors in blue, teal, silver, and copper. 



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Convertible Ballistic Bag

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